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Truly, they were a place where I tarried in my life. The adventure began with Silver Wolf in 1985. The Silver Wolf Bulletins heralded Silver Wolf Comics, letting those customers in my store know what I had planned. The bulletins spotlighted The Eradicators drawn by Ron Lim; Grips Drawn by Ron Lim; Lance Drawn by Ron Lim; The Deadly Dungeoneer, drawn by Chris Tsuda; Fat Ninja, drawn by Gary Amaro; and The Dungeoneers drawn by Max Luick. The bulletins were a fun little shop mag. I hadn't thought about the future of them, then, but now, it's obvious that at the time I was  creating a nice little bit of Silver Wolf comic book history.

Silver Wolf was a learning time in my life and I enjoyed all aspects of the writing and publishing, if not because it was enjoyable, then because it was educational. But, with about 40 comics published and more ready for publishing, it was a nice endeavor. I am afraid that the concept of the Silver Wolf continuity was lost on a market filled with many new products. My vision was-and still is-to continue with the Silver Wolf universe, allowing the characters to interact as necessary and as is enjoyable. However, I believe that those faithful collectors and readers from the mid-eighties did understand where I was headed. Thanks for hanging in there.

Soon after the near collapse of the Silver Wolf company, the company was purchased by two gentlemen and the name was changed to Greater Mercury Comics against my wishes. Ah, well... Life goes on. One year later, faltering, the business reverted back to me and I had it thriving, again, within a few months. The lessons I had learned in the first generation of Silver Wolf had taught me well. Stories continued... some from new writers. I was even able to offer artists and writers a place to get their work published under the subsidiary logo of Venusian Press. Eventually, the market simply became too poor to support an independent company such as Silver Wolf/Greater Mercury. I closed the doors, though in my mind, I knew it was not forever.

Because.... here is where forever ends!. 

With the decline of the market, I long ago decided to change the method I would use to tell the stories in the comic books. Now, with all the equipment I need to physically produce the books, I will be continuing the comics in what I have termed "Comic Continuations." There will be no artwork to speak of, but the each issue will be a comic book sized, square bound edition continuing each series. I will finish every story ever begun in both the Silver Wolf and Greater Mercury Companies. Some issues saw the stands, some didn't. It doesn't matter. They will all be completed.

So, this is where we are. Enjoy the rest of the ride.

   ~Kristoffer A. Silver

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Silver Wolf Comics: The Next Generation

Projects are in the making. We expect to see the new books soon and as they become available, we WILL have them here... Premieres, specials, web site only issues, and everything else!!! 

The first stories to appear will be continuations of the following titles from the first Generation of Silver Wolf Comics:

  • The Eradicators
  • Fat Ninja
  • The Dungeoneers
  • Grips

Other will Follow.

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